Wednesday, 13 June 2012

17 Peep Show Mascara

"Where'd ya get those peepers? Flash your lashes with our fibre-rich formulation which lenghtens your lashes from root to tip. Voluptuous volume and no clumps....just a full flirty flutter"
Anybody else think of Jeepers Creepers??? haha

Anyway have to admit I love 17 Mascara's and the new peepshow is no exception. First off the packaging is nice and cute (although a little cheap) and I love the brush, despite forgetting to take a photo of it!  It's a fat brush that's slightly curve it the middle which is perfect to ensure you get all your lashes. 

I picked this up in Brown/Black as I have very white lashes and I find that 17 Mascara are not quite as dark in the Brown/black shades so work out perfectly. Obviously this may vary for some however on my white lashes it seems to be just right. 

Right so I only apply to my top lashes as I tend to look a little weird if I apply so my bottom lashes as well and as you can see my lashes are almost invisible!

It applies easily and so far I haven't found that it really clumps.  Now 17 have stated that it include lengthening fibres and I would say my lashes look long but they're quite long anyway so I'm not really convinced but I like it despite this.

So far it's my favourite Mascara- colour, consistency and brush all fit the bill!

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Jean said...

Looks like a great product. Thanks for the review! :)
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