Monday, 18 June 2012

L'Occitane Hydration Face Mist

Today's post is on L'Occitane Hydration Face Mist from the Angelica range. Here is what L'Occitane say about the range,

'During the Middle Ages in France, angelica was used for its excellent medical properties and as a herb. It was recommended for the overworked or convalescing. Angelica essential oil has hydrating and toning properties, which helps restore one's beauty.'

I don't own any face mists and have to say I have never really tried one either. The concept appeals to me especially as I am not great in hot weather. Both myself and L get hot and bothered really quickly. But I had never really fancied spraying it over my makeup.

L'Occitane says,
'The Angelica Hydration Face Mist instantly refreshes and hydrates the skin at any moment of the day: in the city, on an airplane, at the beach, or after exercising. This mist can be used after the Angelica Cleansing Gel to complete your daily cleansing routine. The Angelica Hydration Face Mist can also be applied to achieve a long-lasting make-up finish. '

The mist is extremely refreshing when you spray it (though I jump everytime I spray it on my face!). I can see this would be great on holiday when you were sight seeing or on the beach to cool you down. The mist also has a lovely refreshing scent which helps pick you up as well. But it's a very delicate scent!

I have to say though I still wouldn't want to use this if I had a full face of makeup on, it seems a bit odd. Though it doesn't affect your makeup when you spray it on I just find the experience odd, and I know lots of you are fans of using face mists after applying your makeup.

This will be joining me on my holiday this year as my skin loves the refreshing feel after I have had a spritz in the heat!

Are you a face mist fan? What's your trick for a hot day?


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socialitedreams said...

it took until this year for me to become a lover of face mists, just had never tried one before. now i spritz the benefit or mario badescu rosewater one daily. refreshing!

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