Friday, 8 June 2012

Carmex Summer Treats

I was kindly sent a selection of Carmex treats that are perfect for summer.  The set included the Original jar, the Strawberry tube and the Moisture plus in sheer pink.

I have to say that the moisture plus is my favourite.  Not only is a lovely and moisturising but it's such a gorgeous tint to it.

K's already showed you this along with the Peach Tint as well - you can see it here.  I had to show you the little gem again as it's just such a gorgeous colour and I've been wearing almost everyday for 2 weeks straight.  I highly recommend it as an amazing summer purchase.

*PR sample


harri said...

I have had my eye on the moisture plus for a week or so, it looks really lovely but I have far too many lip balms etc already....Im sure one more wouldn't harm!lol.

And, girls I have to ask where abouts in are you from? I live in Llandudno. Love your blog would love it if you could check mine out sometime.

LatBeautyAddict said...

@harri - one more definitely wouldn't hurt x

We're from just outside Wrexham (well I've just moved back). Love Llandudno x


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

I like the faint color. Very excited to try these. I always carry caramex around.
Seattle Beauty and Fashion Blog

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