Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Avene - solutions for sensitive, redness prone skin....

(l-r Antirougeurs - relief concentrate for chronic redness, Hydrance - rich hydrating cream, Creme pour peaux intolerantes - skin recovery cream)

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Both myself and K suffer from sensitive skin that tends to get a a lot of redness around around our nose and on our chin.  It's an absolute nightmare when applying foundation/concealer as you always feel you've got to use a bit more in these areas to hid it!  So when we were offered the opportunity to try out some of the range we jumped at the chance as we've both heard good things about the range for sensitive skin.  What made the  whole thing even better was that we were then specifically asked what our skin concerns were and we would be sent products to deal with it.

Now as you can see above, we only received 5ml sized tubes - which isn't much at all, but we actually received around 3 of each which makes a much better sample size.

Antirougeurs Relief Concentrate for Chronic Redness

This is a daily cream to help reduce sensitivity and reactive prone skin.  It's instantly become my go to moisturiser, as I've noticed a reduction in the redness on my chin almost instantly as well as a slight reduction in the redness around my nose which has all lead to me applying less makeup and hence looking less cakey in these areas.

Hydrance Rich Relief Cream for dry skin

This is for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin.  Ticks all the boxes for me really.  I always feel like my skin is lacking in moisture and on these days I just apply this in the morning or the evening to perk it up.  It's not something I would use every evening but definitely on the days when I feel I need the extra boost.

Skin Recovery Cream

Now this is a calming cream for sensitive skin which is great to apply in the evenings after you've cleansed and toned.  It's great for me as my skin does tend to go a bit crazy sometimes in the evenings after I've taken my makeup off.  I tend to look way to flushed in my cheeks (not always but now and again) so this is brilliant at relief it.

Overall I think the selection of products we received are fantastic for people who suffer with dry, sensitive, redness prone skin.  They range seems to be gentle and calming as well as providing the moisture you need.

*PR sample

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GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

This will be good for the winter. My skin is extremely flaky and dry in colder months.

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