Sunday, 3 June 2012

Yankee Candle

I keep seeing all the pretty Yankee Candles on peoples blogs, and I've so wanted to give them a go.  But is it sad to say that I wanted a more unusual scent - not just vanilla.  So when I saw these I thought I've got to try them (obviously I want one of the pretty jars but they just don't seem to have any of the unusual scents in any of the stores/stockists by me - boo!)

Well these just smell so much like a Strawberry Cupcake, it's just gorgeous and sweet!  I love it - I now need to find one of these in the jars!

Any other unusual scents to look out for??


Victoria said...

seriously need to try a yankee candle!

Ms Bubu said...

I got one of these, they smell lovely.

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