Sunday, 15 May 2011

Round-up of the Week


How is everyone? We hope you are all having a loving weekend....though the weather hasn't been that good here.

L now only has 2 weeks and 6 days till her big day now so has been making the final preparations.
As you may have seen on the blog she has been doing little post of hair ideas and make-up inspiration as well as showing off some amazing cupcakes (L's making her own cake and cupcakes for wedding). You can see all our wedding related posts here.

I have reached a busy season in work at the moment, so I haven't done much else but work and tidy up at home. We are all a bit full of a cold as well in my household so we haven't felt like doing much. But I now need to start getting myself sorted for L's wedding as I'm a bridesmaid.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, here is what we have had on the blog this week:


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Lucy said...

I love these posts as I get to see which I've missed during the week and go back and read your lovely musings :D

Make-Up for Biochemists


Vintage Makeup said...

That photo is adorable! Wow only 2 weeks and 6 days, exciting! :)

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