Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Beauty Storage Part 2


Here is Part 2 of my storage posts, for those that missed Part 1 see here.

The second part of my storage posts features my draw units that holds my actual make-up.

Now I got my two plastic storage units from B&Q from £12 and £8 I think. I am sorry but I can't seem to see them online to show you a link. I know they are not the prettiest make-up storage ever but they are a good size, easy to clean, and can be on my bathroom window sill without the worry of them getting wet. I was sooooo happy when I found them!

The smaller of the two units has two draws the same size and a flip-up compartment on the top.

This one tends to hold my make-up palettes and miscellaneous products. The flip-up compartment contains my go to moisturisers and eye creams. It makes this very accessible to easy to find the one I want to use.

The second unit has 4 draws, 1 big one and 3 smaller draws. I have separated this out to have:

  1. My face product such as foundation, blusher and concealer in the bottom.

  2. Mascara and eyeliners in the second from bottom.

  3. Eye shadows in the second from top.

  4. Lip products in the top.

I mainly only keep my go-to items in these draws I do also have a large make-up bags full of stuff I don't tend to use (I probably should look to sell these bits). But I do use most of the products that I store in here.

They are certainly not pretty to look at but I love them, they fit loads in and they are easy to maintain and clean. As I put my make-up on in the bathroom I was lucky that they are the perfect size for my bathroom window sill (it is quite wide).

Part 3 will be about my storage for bits such as face care and other fun items! I hope you like having a nosey at my storage, what do you use?



Ayu~Emma said...

I got the same storage..but a bit smaller tho ^^

Anonymous said...

I've always fancied a case, like Caboodles, for the excess I have. What I really need though is something that will fit in the bathroom cabinet like a tidy.


Ms Bubu said...

I use a plastic drawer unit similar to yours, also bought at B&Q!

Charlotte said...

This is similar to my storage, picked up a few weeks ago in Asda for a bargain £5!

My post on this is coming up this week on my brand new beauty blog (shameless plug!)

Kirsty T said...

Thanks for the comments. Might take a look at Asda storage now ;)

Vintage Makeup said...

I can't wait to see part 3! :) You have a lot of lovely makeup!

Lucy said...

This is such a good idea.
Lovely Practical and Clean.
Great when you're rushing around in the morning :)
Make-Up for Biochemists

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