Friday, 6 May 2011

b.right! Skincare by Benefit

I had the privilege of attending the second phase launch of the b.right Radiant Skincare by Benefit on the 4th May. Poor L couldn't make it again as it was such a long way for her to come for one evening to London this close to the wedding. So I popped along with my sister-in-law Vicky who is a massive Benefit fan (so fitted right in).

Jasmine, Liza, Jazz and everyone put on another fantastic event, they really know how to hold an event and do little activities that really show off their products well. This event was held as Benefit is due to launch the second phase of the skincare on the 11th May.

It was also great to see other bloggers Siobhan (Starglittermagic) and Bettina (Beauty Swot), I also spotted Hell Candy.

I went to the launch of the first phase of the skincare back in March when five products were launched. These were Its Potent! Eye Cream, Refined Finish Facial Polish, Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF 15, Total Moisture Facial Cream and Foaming Clean Facial Wash. You can see more on these items in my previous post here.The new lines that have been added to the range are:

  • Remove It £16.50- Removes it make-up remover effectively, but gently removes eye make-up, including long-wearing & waterproof formulas while hydrating the eye areas. This felt lovely and after trying on my hand it would leave you feeling soft, this is also suitable for contact wearers.

  • Moisture Prep £23.50 - Moisture Prep toning lotion smoothes, revitalizes & clarifies, allowing the skin to fully optimize benefits of any moisturizer. Leaves skin hydrated, soft & supple. Contains vitamin E, natural oat & botanical extracts known to purify & smooth the skin reducing fine lines. This specialized formula contains moisturizing hyluronic acid and a blend of aloe leaf and yeast extract, known to clarify & soothe the skin.

  • Ultra Radiance £19.50 - Ultra radiance facial re-hydrating mist instantly enhances radiance. Contains Benefits exclusive tri-radiance complex to deliver immediate & long term hydration. Relaxes & soothes the skin with magnesium PCA & white & blue lotus extracts, known to help skin combat stress. Contains sodium hyaluronate, a powerful hydrating agent.

I have to say I absolutely loved the Moisture Prep and Facial Mist, both had a lovely clean fresh smell and the prep felt great on. As Lisa said the mist would be great to carry in your hand-bag and spritz on for a pick me up!

As a treat Benefit had also arranged for us to be able to have a facial and/or have your eyebrows done. I had a facial done using 3 of the products and it was lovely my skin felt so soft and I did receive comment after that my skin looked glowing.

As there are also some new colour ways being added to the BadGal Waterproof eyeliner and new brow product we could have our brows done. Vicky and myself didn't have time to do this. I was gutted as the girls had arranged for Hiliary Foote, International Brow Expert from the US Benefit Head office to be there. I will do a post shortly on the new brow and eyeliner products.

We also left the event with a lovely goodies bag containing a mini 3 piece stater set of some of the new range. We have got Its Potent, Triple Performing Facial Emulsion and Foamingly Clean Facial Wash.

We also got a lovely head band to do your own facials and downstairs at the presentation we also got a great notebook, pen and water cute! The pen even light up and says b.right.Have you tried or seen any of the new range? The first first is available now and you can see it here, and the second phase should start launching in Debenhams from the 11th May.


K x


Georgia said...

Cute set they gave you :).

I wish I lived in the south. Or just England for that matter, would love to go to events to meet people. But its kind of impossible for me haha.

:) xxx

*Starsglittermagic* said...

was so great meeting you =) hope you had a good night xx

Faye said...

That looks like so much fun and I love what you picked up! Thanks for following :) xx

Vintage Makeup said...

I'm so jealous you famous bloggers get to go to cool events haha!

Kirsty T said...

Thanks for the comment!

I do agree events should be held more widespread across the country as not all bloggers are London based. It's a 45min trip each way for myself to get in and L really struggles up north. It's such a shame!

Jasmine said...

Hi everyone, I'm Jasmine, the Digital Manager at Benefit Cosmetics that Kirsty mentioned above, who organised the above Bloggers Event. We will also be holding Bloggers events in Chelmsford, Essex, where our Head Office is located. We'd love to see some of you there. You'll get to meet our Ian & Gail, our Managing Directors, as well as other members of our team. Pls let me know if you are interested and we will keep you posted. Pls email me at xxx

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