Thursday, 5 May 2011

Impulse and Barry M

So I was in Boots this week, and at the till I noticed a Barry M lipgloss stuck to an Impulse tin on offer for £3.00 for both.

There was 3 different Impulses with 3 different Barry M lipgloss - a pink, a nude and a clear.

I went for the pink and the nude.

(left - pink and right - nude)

They both state that they're limited edition.

The pink has a very sweet smell to it, sort of like Strawberry but I'm not too sure ;). The nude is like a Toffee/Carmel smell - I wonder if it is the same as the No2 Toffee gloss you can buy normally. I don't own it but will definitely have a look and compare, although this is very nude!



I love the nude, its a lovely smooth gloss and has just a hint of colour to it. The pink is nice although it has a bit of sparkle to it which I'm not too keen on but its nice to add to a pink lipstick.

Oh and the Impulse isn't bad either. Haven't used the stuff since I was in school, but its quite nice.


Ms Bubu said...

I saw that too. The clear gloss smells nice as well, like sweet vanilla! Thanks for sharing!

Vintage Makeup said...

The nude one is so pretty! Wish we had Barry M here!

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