Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Wedding Nails and mixing polishes

I've been having some difficult deciding on a polish to wear on the big day (which is only in 11 days times - freaking out a little now!!)

I'm not a big fan of pale polishes - I've not yet found a shade that suits my skin tone and of course there is always the worry that it may look slightly like pink tipex on!

So after hearing that Kate had a mix of two colours for the Royal Wedding I thought I would try it out with a pale pinky/peach and pale pink I have (don't like either really on their own)

So I went with George No Excuses and Essie Yes we can Pink!

Now disappointingly the nerves have kicked in and my nails have paid the price!!

I used to regularly bite my nails but have stopped but the added stress has made me mess with them again - luckily I haven't bite them but they are so not at there best right now to photograph. So sorry just a thumb pic!

I've two coats of each - George, Essie, George, Essie.

I actually really like the combo - its pale and pinkie but not too Barbie or too Tipex.

Eventually I think I have a winner - only thing I'm going to change is the amount, I think I'm going to go with two coats of George followed by one coat of Essie


Ms Bubu said...

I'm glad you found something for your weeding, and congrats :)

Toesthattwinkle! said...

nice combo, so neutral but pretty!

Charlotte said...

If you're not keen on pale polishes would you not consider a 'proper' colour? I opted for red after realising that a french manicure or pale pinks just weren't me!

You can see the colour I chose on my blog at the end of this post...

Vintage Makeup said...

That looks really pretty! Def a winner

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