Monday, 9 May 2011

Magazine Freebie's...

This month there seems too be two good Magazine Freebie's you can get a choice of 3 colours of Nails Inc with Instyle magazine and a free The Body Shop Body Butter with Marie Claire.

I have picked up Intsyle magazine to get the Nails Inc Colours, the shades available are Fashion Fawn, Orange Candy and Electric Teal. The magazine retails at £3.75 I think and I have ended up getting two of them so far as you get full size nail varnishes that normally retails at £11. I have got Electric Teal and Fashion Fawn, I wasn't that tempted with Candy Orange (it's a bit bright for me). You also get a 20% off voucher off online purchases included in the magazine so I am tempted to look to get an actual Nails Inc shade as well.

I have used two coats for above and I have to say these applied well and I really like both shades - particularly Fashion Fawn.

After seeing Liloo post on Fashion Fawn I decided to take a look at my other brown/taupe/beige colours. Considering this was never a colour I though I liked, I do have quite a few shade.

I have Barry M Mushroom, Nails Inc Jermyn Street, No 7 Beanie, Nails Inc Fashion Fawn, Nails Inc Caramel, 17 Forever, Nails Inc London and E.L.F Desert Haze (I also forgot to photograph Topshop Big Smoke)
The closet shade to Fashion Fawn is Barry M Mushroom or Nails Inc Jermyn Street but Topshop Big Smoke is also quite similar.

Have you picked up your Nails Inc Freebie? What Nails Inc colour should I get with the 20% voucher?



Ling Tung said...

I love magazine freebies too

Ms Bubu said...

i picked the orange one, and I might be tempted by Fashion Fawn. I think it is a nice browny nude,on the light saide. Similar to this one, I also have No7 Beanie, Nails Inc Caramel and Eyeko Posh Polish.

But I have to say, Beabie and Posh are way too dark for summer!

Georgia said...

I am tempted to get the orange but I have something similar so will probably refrain.

Magazines are becoming so expensive these days. Grr


liloo said...

best. post. ever. thank you, thank you, thank you. Yep, i've got no other choices but to love you for ever now :) weeeeeee. I can't tell you enough times how useful this is. Please help me on this: if I prefer jermyn, london over the other browns: what does it make of me? that I prefer purpley brown rather than brown brown? can you use the word taupe of any kind of brown?
and greige is desert haze? i am sooooooo happy you included greige in this. i was not expecting that. I am going to get rid of my mushroom and your wheel has confirmed why I should do that: because it's brown brown

thank you so much
day is made xx

Jessica said...

I'm not too big on taupes, I do like the teal though! xx

chris said...

I love the teal colour! I also lurve mag freebies! Please do an artical about h&m make up! I love it and its a reasonable price! I'm going in soon to pick up a new lipgloss! The ones with the brush applicator are great and the ones with the patterned brush lids are gawguss!! xx

Vintage Makeup said...

Fashion Fawn is gorgeous! Wish we could get those here.

Kirsty T said...

Thanks for the comments:
@ms bubu- was sure on the orange against my skin tone, but agree about beanie
@Georgina - magazine are soooo expensive
@Chris - I will look at h&m makeup
@vintage makeup - that's a shame
@liloo - I agree I prefer these grey beige and purply browns, nothing to brown brown. Mushroom and beanie are very should look at topshop big smoke as that's a nice grey brown shade

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