Monday, 2 May 2011

Barbara Daly Foundation Fail

I've actually had this foundation for around about a month but have waited longer to do my review as I couldn't make my mind up about it. The foundation in question us Barbara Daly (Tesco) Moisture Foundation in which I think was £6, I picked up porcelain.

My first impression was that it was a bit too pale for me and a little too yellow toned. But I though I would give it a go, but I have ended up mixing it with a Boujois 10 hr Sleep Effect. I am awful at finding a base I am happy with, I tend to mix about 2 or 3 products together before I am happy. And I am not happy with this foundation on its own. I feel its dull and too pale once on, I really have to to use a lot of products with it until I am happy with how it looks on my skin (Benefit High Beam, Bronzer or Highlighter). You really don't get a dewy look with this foundation.

Now I liked how the foundation apply and it does have the light consistency I like from my foundation. I much prefer to just wear a tinted moisturiser a lot of the time, but sometime I want extra coverage. This does give me more coverage, yet its still light on my skin.

Also the foundation does not look great at the end of the day which is no good when you are working full time. I don't always use a primer but that doesn't even make a difference with this foundation. So all in all this has been a bit of a disappointment and I have ended up, when I need more coverage, going back to either my No7 Lift & Illuminate or Bourjois 10 Hour or the two together.

I will not be using this up let alone buying it again, I really don't like my skin when this is on or how my skin looks when I get home.

Have you tried any Foundations from Barbara Daly?



Ms Bubu said...

Mmm it's sad. It doesn't look too bad on your picture though!

Georgia said...

Hate when foundations are shit, makes me wonder how they even got made in the first place!!


Vintage Makeup said...

Loving the new blog header! :)

Too bad that foundation didn't work

Never Too Broke To Be Beautiful said...

It looks lovely on your picture but I was really disappointed with this product too.

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