Monday, 21 January 2013

January Glossy Box - Detox Edition

Here is this months Glossy Box, which is the Detox Edition - so prefect after the Christmas binge! As usual the box has different options that could be included but below you can see what I had.

There is Sanctuary Spa Active Thermal Transformation Mask (full size £27.50)as Glossy box say, 'This mask is soothing to use and its results are instantly visible. It has 'detox' written all over it. If you are looking to dramatically improve the appearance of your skin without cosmetic injections, this intensely warming 2 step mask is for you. While results are instant, it is after 4 weeks of use that Invisible firms and refines to reveal smoother, glowing, more even skin and minimised fine lines and wrinkles.' I can't wait to try this out.

Next up there is Monu Renu Flash Relax mask (full size £32) 'a one-stop product for an instant detox effect, the Renu Flash Relax Mask provides an immediate boost for your skin. Ginseng and magnesium relax fine lines, while vitamins C and B5 enchanted natural radiance, while promoting the skins moisture balance. The best part: it's paraben free formulation means it is suited for even the most sensitive skin.' Another great sounding product and I love that its suitable for sensitive skin.

Vichy Normaderm 3in1 Cleanser (full size £11) 'Regulate your complexion with the Vichy Normaderm 3 in 1 Cleanser, Scrub and Mask, an all-in-one solution for oily skin.  When skin produces too much oil and becomes overburdened, clogged and imperfection-prone, it needs gentle care to make it feel fresh and comfortable again. The Normaderm 3-in-1 combined cleanse, scrub and mask action is made up of ultra soothing agents and deeply clarifying clay, making it perfect for even sensitive complexions.
The Normaderm cleansing cream reduces the appearance of imperfections, clears impurities and eliminates excess sebum.'

Premae Skincare Balance Rescue Face Tonique (full £27.50) 'A refreshing face toner for combination skin, this mattiifies and rejuvenated congested skin. With antiseptic lemongrass and sandalwood oil as well as hydrating rose water, this alcohol free, fragrance free solution will cut through dirt and excess oil to close pores without stripping skin of its natural oils, leaving your skin feeling fresh and plump.' I am looking forward to trying this as it sounds like it would be lovely on my sensitive skin.

Finally there is a Jason Lips Bee Healthier lip balm (£1.99) an a Glossy Box eye mask

Again this months box contains five samples to try as well as the eye mask. Though I am excited to try these out I was disappointed as my products were all covered in black bits off the packaging that is in the box.

I do get really excited about opening my glossy box each month to see what I get. But we both are a bit disheartened with them at the moment as you expect it to be high end products to try - yet the lip balm is £1.99 and I buy Vichy anyway. I think we both expect it to introduce you to products that are firstly new or high end. Though we both have found one or two products we love from the boxes, neither of us have repurchased anything yet.

Glossy Box is £10 a month plus p+p and is available at



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One Little Vice said...

I got quite similar products to you in my box this month and I was really pleased. I'm so excited about next month's box! x

Angelica [One Little Vice]

Anonymous said...

There's some great items in this box! :)

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