Saturday, 3 July 2010

MAC: Disgraceful Customer Services!

Ok so I know its my Birthday and I'm banned from the laptop for the weekend, but I'm so annoyed and just needed to rant about it now!

So I posted yesterday that my fiance was whisking me off to the Trafford Centre today for a nice treat (I live in Lancaster - so its about an hour there and back! so not just around the corner).

I really wanted to go and get a nice pink MAC lipstick and try the foundations. I'm very fair so wanted to be colour matched!

Got there and went straight to Selfridges and started playing with the lipsticks (I would say there was about 7 staff on the corner and about 5 customers - including me and the fiance). I eventually decided on Angel - Just a perfect everyday lipstick for me!

So at this point I've been there 5 minutes and no-one has asked me if I needed assistance, which ok I do prefer that but I now wanted to get the lipstick and pay for it. Tried to get someones attention but nothing (a girl behind the till just turned her back on us and applied makeup to her already OTT face!!) I was starting to get annoyed at this point!

So not wanting to make a fuss I went back to play with the lipsticks again and see if I could get anyone's attention (the fiance really doesn't cope well in these situations and didn't want to just keep quiet! but as it was my birthday he said he would behave). At this point a young girl walked up to the counter and a blonde shop assistant appeared from nowhere and asked if she wanted any help and proceeded to go through about 20 different lipsticks with her - I'D BEEN THERE FOR ABOUT 10 MINS NOW.

Couldn't stand it any long and off I went to Illamasqua, very angry and upset


Got back to the counter and was making sure I was happy with the colour choice. So I was sticking it on my hand and showing the fiance, when the blonde shop assistant (still helping the young girl) pushed my arm out of the way to get a lipstick and got lipstick on my cardigan!!!!! I WAS BEYOND FUMING!!

So fiance thought sod this and opened the storage drawers and found the lipstick for me and we proceeded to the till to be greeted by the girl from earlier who turned her back on us to apply her makeup. She still didn't come to serve us, so the fiance had to go and break up another two having a chat and get one to serve us. He voiced his disgusted but I just wanted to leave at that point.

I just cant believe how bad the customer service was!! and whats worse that it seemed to be just me that was being ignored, as there was never more than a few customers at the counter at one time (I purposely had got there for when the Trafford Centre opened).

I've had some really bad customer service before but this was awful - it felt as though I didn't exist. Problem is I like the products, but no way on earth the fiance is going to take me back there now!

So sorry for the long rant but I just couldn't get over how bad my experience was and too top it off the young girl left with nothing and I was fully prepared to purhcase a foundation, powder and a number of lipsticks today and instead came home with over half my birthday cash left!



Beauty's Bad Habit said...

You could contact the counter manager or contact MAC directly. I've found MAC HQ to be very helpful before (they tracked down a lippy for me once it was out of stock online!).

If something similar happens again, just go directly up to one of the staff and say something. Sometimes manners have to go out of the window at certain counters if you want to get what you came for :/

WarPaintGuru said...

Oh my goodness! That is awful! I've heard quite a few bad tings about MAC customer service. They seriously need to sort it out! If I was you I'd send a strongly worded email to MAC!

Enjoy the rest of your bday hun and forget about it for now!


Lauren said...

That's horrible! Normally they are so helpful at the counter in the Trafford Centre, although I have noticed a few of the staff to be quite snooty sometimes, ugh. I hope you get a better MAC experience next time (if you go again) xxx

Ansa said...

wow! That's horrible. I have never had any service issues at any of my MAC counters. Don't let them ruin your day though =) At least you still got a few goodies xx

Ms Bubu said...

Awful! I feel bad for you. I these situations, I am really proud and usually don't purchase. or make a fuss about purchasing it from another sales clerk...

Makes me think about that time I bought something, and they didnt want to give me the freebie with it, because I purchased one day earlier (and I made the effort of asking if there was any promo coming up). Well, I took it back to the store and bought it afterwards from another girl....That one got my comission, not the other one!

Anonymous said...

I hate people like that. I work in retail myself and I know if someone treats customers bad and a complaint is made they do something about it [where I work anyway] so I always make a point of complaining about bad customer service or complimenting good customer service.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, poor you. I hate bad customer service. And I also recognise the situation because I used to be at MAC. I bet the counter manager was not there, that's why the others were slacking off. You could have complained to the manager of the cosmetics department. It's important that they (including MAC counter manager) know so they can get rid of the really bad people - MAC never has a shortage of people wanting to work for them!

pawsandpockets said...

Thats terrible, same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I emailed and complained as they were proactively ignoring me, it's a horrible situation to be in. The response from MAC was basically sorry, and they hope they have the opportunity to prove to me that this was an isolated incident blah blah.
I will wait for the free delivery code and order online in future :)

Angel is a beautiful colour btw

BittersweetKindaNew said...

Thanks girlies.

I've sent a complaint to both MAC and selfridges (I think they should also know what type of people are in their store). Sorry to hear the same thing has happened to others! I still just can't believe it and cos it was my birthday just didn't want an arguement!

Anyway my fiance made sure I enjoyed the rest of my day!


Bon Vivant Clique said...

Oh my gosh! I hope this didn't ruin your birthday!!

I had trouble in Selfridges a few months back in Manchester. Not the one at the Trafford center but the one next to the arndale across from the triangle. The women was acting like it was such a problem that I was pale. I meen I am a bit of a milk bottle but some of the nicest looking people I know play really well on their porcelain features. Anyway after standing their for ten minutes of her guiding me through everything she suggest I came back with a tan and got outdoors more. I was fuming to say the least.

I'm glad you contacted both MAC and Selfridges because I complained to Selfridges and got no response so you are more likely to hear back having complained to both!

Love J.

SilhouetteScreams said...

Oh my god, that's DISGUSTING. Good to hear you've made complaints, those staff deserve to be sacked >=|

Krystal Leigh said...

Oh No! I'm so sorry for that. It happens all the time at MAC from what I hear. But we love the makeup. Happy B-lated!

3ate4 said...

How annoying, I would complaing further.

BittersweetKindaNew said...

Thanks for all the comments! I still haven't heard anything back - but probably wont for a few days!

@Bon Vivant Clique - I cant believe they suggested that you gety a tan!

Its shocking to hear that MAC just seems to have poor service everywhere!



how despicable! happy belated birthday :)

Irene's Beautyblog said...

wow what a horrible customer service. At least you got what you wanted dear! :)


jollybeachang said...

I've had terrible service at Selfridges MAC stand too, but the London store not the Manchester one. They'd rather talk and get gossip from one another. Manners seems to have gone out the window. Hope you had a good birthday tho.
Angela xoxo

Samira said...

I got this one too

Rei T said...

OMG! That's terrible. I get these terrible service too at my local mall--the store isn't busy, and they're incredibly... lazy!!

Surprisingly the one closest to my school has much nicer people!! I guess that's where I'm going from now on!

Just don't go back to that counter... or send an email!!


Anonymous said...

you should of asked to speak to the manager.. ive done it once.. they actually took it really serioussly.. i actually hate going into mac.. much prefer to shop online. happy birthdayyy xxx

Aims said...

Thats so awful. This is pretty much why i always order online! After hearing everyones horrible stories i'm a little scared to go to an actual counter. xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry it ruined your trip :-(

Did you go in on a Saturday L? Does anyone agree with me that the service doesn't seem to be up scratch on a Saturday/Sunday? Maybe it's something to do with the weekend staff?

I had a pretty bad experience when I went in a few Saturdays ago (first thing like L), but during the week (when it's quiet and the MAs are more chilled) everything is great?

Just a thought....

Kirsty x

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