Monday, 19 July 2010

GIORGIO ARMANI - Fluid sheer skin illuminator (shade 10)

So this is another of my goodies from Selfridges.

I have to admit I've never looked at the Armani makeup range before. Its not just that I've got to travel down from Lancaster to Manchester, I've just never though to look - that's definitely going to change now.

Right down to the review. I was sent shade 10 - which in the pic looks quite dark but I wouldn't say it comes out like this at all but given that its comes in 7 other shades there is plenty to choose from, so don't be put off. I have to admit I probably would have gone for a lighter shade if I was picking myself.

selfridges site:
'Adds radiance, polish and definition to your complexion - and can also be mixed with your foundations'

It was voted Instyle's 'Best Skin Illuminator in 2009' and on
Makeup Alley a total 24 reviews have given it 4.7/5 - so is definitely considered good.

It does have a orangey tone to it and it has quite a thin consistency to it (a little more watery than I would like it). But it does blend in well - in the pic below I've only blended a little and you can see how it spreads.

In the end it does blend in well.

I'm very pale, so I was worried that I would look like I've gone crazy with the bronzer, but it leaves my skin with a nice glow - skin kissed haha. I would recommend only using a little cos as I said before its a bit watery.

I actually love this and was my samples gone - this is so on the list of future purchases. However at £32.00 it is a little expensive. So if anybody could recommend a good alternative?



Sami said...

Ooo... I've been looking for a good illuminator! Armani makeup is quite expensive but very good quality... another (slightly cheaper) illuminator is MAC Strobe Cream... although I can't recommend it as I haven't tried it yet! Or a even cheaper alternative is the illuminators from Body Shop - they've got quite a few different ones so I'm sure you'd find something to suit you! Sami xx

Sofia's Journal said...

I REALLY love the look of that and it's not the type of product I've had the opportunity to try before.

£32 is pricey though.

Sofia x

Fashion and Beauty Lights said...
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Fashion and Beauty Lights said...

You are really tempting me to go buy one :)

Btw dear, I created a new blog cuz I will be deleting my old one, please follow me there if you can:

Thank you,

BittersweetKindaNew said...

@sami - thanks I'll have a look at the MAc and the Body Shop.

@sofia - I knoq what you mean. Love it but just not a great price for what it is

@irene - i'm tempting myself hahaha


Andee Layne said...

love the Dewy look!! Kind of pricey :(

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