Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Quinoderm Cream

I've recently had a bit of an acne breakout on my chin. Which when you not on the good side of 25 truly sucks :(

The last time I had this was when I just turned 20. I went to Ayia Napa (enough said) and got ill on like my second day, and was there for 2 weeks! I got a throat infection and laryngitis - ended up taking what can only be described a horse tranquilizer. So this combined with lack of sleep just destroyed my skin.

When I got home I ended up using Quinoderm and it worked wonders.

So when the problem came back I thought I would give it another go.

Its a quite a thick cream and you apply a 'thin layer 2 or 3 times daily by gentle massaging over all the affected area'

Its main ingredients: Benzoyl peroxide 10%ww and Potassium hydroxyquioline sulphate 0.5ww

It does burn a little (for some it may just tingle) and you definitely don't need much.

So I'd been using it for about 3 days when I noticed by skin starting to itch where I'd been applying it (it reaaallllllly itched). It all became quite sore and I had to stop. My skin also looked like it was peeling in places and it didn't even clear up the acne!

I also forgot that it really bleaches things. See the evidence below......my poor pj top.

When I first used it - I now remember ruining a few bits of bedding and quite a few pj's.

So after a few fun days I'm now left with a sore itchy patch of dry skin and a bleached pj top.

Verdict -
Hell no, never again!

L :(


Laura said...

I tried this at the end of last year and my skin went exactly the same. I threw it away and wont use it again, took me ages to get rid of all the dry cracked skin on my face.

Laura @ The Beauty Sanctum said...

Hey sweetie,

You could try Panoxyl which also contains Benzoyl peroxide but you can get 2.5% and 5% variants so it doesn't burn as much. You can buy it on Ebay for about £3.50, my sister has had bad skin all of her teenage life and she now swears by this! .. xx

BittersweetKindaNew said...

@Laura - its awful isn't it. I've resorted to facial oil in the evening in the hope it will help moisturise.

@laura@thebeautysanctum - thanks hun, I'll give it a go.


SpotOfHope said...

I used that cream and it made my skin flake off and very very dry and itchy as well:( It was horrible. But now I'm using Panoxyl, you can get it in a cream or a gel. And it works fantastically! I love it!

CarmenSays said...

hey, thanks for following :D I also used this once, emphasis on the once. Never ever again. I have sensitive skin and as soon as I put this on it felt like my chin was about to melt of, it burns! I threw it out sharpish. great blog btw! xx

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