Friday, 2 July 2010

Birthday Weekend

Well tomorrow anyway ;)

Yep I'll be another year older and to be perfectly I'm not taking it all that well!
(I'm on the wrong side of 25 already!)
so I'm having a bit of a sulk :(

But to cheer me up my lovely Fiance is taking me to the Trafford Centre tomorrow
(and promised to try and not get annoyed when I've spent the last 20 mins in one shop)

So the plan is, that, as I currently don't own a MAC Lipstick I thought I would pick one up as a treat. Only really got into wearing lipstick this year - I'm a die hard lipgloss lover.
- fancy a cute everyday pink!

Also going to have a look at the MAC Foundations and see what I think!

Other than that just on a hunt for:

1. New Bag - always get a new one on my birthday and at Christmas

2. A Primer - been given some good suggestions so off on the hunt!

3. A New setting powder - possibly MAC

4. Perfume - I want something cute and summery.

I'll do a Birthday Haul next week!

Finally just a quick Happy Birthday to my twin, Kirsty, for tomorrow as well!


Bon Vivant Clique said...

Happy birthday lovely!!
I hope you find everything form your list!

Love J and K!!

WarPaintGuru said...

Happy Birthday! Have a great one! xxxx

sugar sugar said...

Happy birthday! Have a good one! :3

Silvia Couture said...

such a beautiful little header!


Ms Bubu said...

Happy birthday and make the most of your time!

chiconomy said...

Happy birthday - I'm that side of 25 too ... it gets better :) Have a great day at the Trafford Centre you lucky thing - I miss selfridges ...

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow and great shopping list.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Hope it's amazing. Just two perfume recs- Viva la Juicy or Burberry The Beat. Ah-mazing. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! and thanks for following!! :)



Anonymous said...

Hi, happy birthday!!! Have fun and I look forward to reading about your haul!

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