Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Skin Art Temporary Tattoos

I had loads of fun playing around with these!

I don’t have any Tattoos and have debated getting a small one on a few occasions, but I think it’s so difficult to choose the right one and then I always come back to the same thing – what is it going to look like when I 70!. Don’t get me wrong I do like the look of Tattoos on, but it all depends what and where it is.

For example my younger sister has (I want to say, but not entirely sure) 8? Some I think look great, others though just don’t look right.

So these for me are a great way of playing around with the idea – also it was just a lot of fun and we all had a go.


Right to apply:

1. Clean the area you intend to apply them too.

2. Cut out the one you want.

3. Position it on the area and place a damp cloth on top, holding it for around 1-2mins.

4. Slowly peel off and hopefully the Tattoo should be stuck where you wanted it.







You can tell with some of the bigger ones that their not real but it’s not as easy with the smaller ones. Loved the one on my finger.

They cost £8.00 from Boots and last around 3 to 5 days, I easily got 5 days wear with the one on my foot it so didn’t want to budge!


Girlie Blogger said...

How cute. They look almost real.


BabyNat said...

These are really cute and could really pass as real tattoos aslong as you put them in a nice place :) I really like the stars and the cute bow. I have got 6 tattoos and wanting to get a few more (they are slightly addictive lol) I sometimes think what my tattoos will look like and how i feel about them when i am 70+ but then think well they make me happy and i am happy that i got them, they all have meanings and at least they will be a conversation starter! Like the typical cliche everyone says "Well you only live once!!" xxx

LatBeautyAddict said...

Glad you like them girls.

@BabyNat - think i need to take your view and just go for it!

Ms Bubu said...

I got these too, but haven't played with them yet. I like the one on your fingerside!

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