Monday, 14 November 2011

Heaven & Earth

I know the MUA Heaven & Earth Palette has been around the blogsphere loads but here is another post on it.

So the palette is available from Superdrug and retails at £4 (an absolute bargain!). For you £4 you receive a palette of 10 highly pigmented eyeshadows. I know people have said these palette are good and I own some on the MUA single eyeshadows...but the pigmentation is fantastic.

I actually own the Naked Palette and I do love mine, but I was still drawn to pick this up. You can see swatches and the palette in more detail below.

The swatches are just one swipe...amazing.

This palette is lovely but I haven't used it much at all and have still continued to use my Naked Palette as the colours in the MUA palette are warmer toned and the Naked seem cooler toned. I seem to suit the cooler tones better.

The shadows are lovely and soft and blend easily you could make a great day or night look with this. It's also nice that there are a good choice of shades for highlighting. I particularly like the first pale good shade. I am not sure everyone would be happy with a whole palette of shimmery or metallic shades. Some would probably want a matte shade.

Have you got this palette?



beautybee said...

I absolutely love the Heaven and Earth palette and have been using it constantly since I picked it up a few months ago. Amazing value! I haven't tried Urban Decay's Naked palette yet, but that looks completely stunning also. Great post! xx

Anonymous said...

I have got it and I find it very warm toned too. When blended a lot of the shades turn a bit rusty on me

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