Thursday, 10 November 2011

Topshop Brush


Today I wanted to show you a brush I picked up from Topshop recently. I'd been eyeing the brushes on a couple of recent trips to Topshop especially as they are near the till at my store. On Beautifully Addicted to we are fans of Topshop makeup.

My new brush is a Smudger Brush which retails at £5. So it's a good price, I like the sleek look of the brush as well.

The brush is soft but has short bristles so makes blending very easy. This has slipped nicely into my everyday makeup routine and has made me want to check out more that are on offer. I was hoping they did a stipple brush but so far I can't seer that they do.

Let me know of you've tried any others?



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Girlie Blogger said...

I love these types of eye brushes. We don't have a Top Shop anywhere in Seattle, but I'd love to try Top Shop makeup if I could.

Demonicsmurfette said...

Looks a nice brush. Reminds me a lot of the Gosh brush that has lasted me for years. I'm yet to try anything from Topshop MU! The only store that stocks it near to me is always so busy and the stands are such a mess, I haven't bothered.

Nina said...

I have a mac brush, way too expensive wont be buying it again when theres goodies for a bargain

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