Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Healthy Mix Foundation

I've already talked about the new serum formula of this foundation, so as I already own this one I thought I should really share my opinion on it!

Bourjois is one of the few high-street/drugstore brands that's pale enough for me to use which is great and I've been using 10 hour Sleep Effect for a while and regularly repurchase. This is number 51, the lightest of the range.

The Health Mix Foundations contains fruit extracts which are supposed to boost the skins radiance and help improve the overall appearance:

  • Apricot - Radiance
  • Melon - Hydration
  • Apple - Anti-oxidant
  • Ginger - Energy

I love the coverage I get and it blends in well, but I personally think you need to moisturise well in the morning as it can settle in any dry patches. I apply a little on to a stipple brush and buff in.

Downsides - it's not as light as the 10 hour Sleep Effect and I prefer the texture and consistency of the Serum version. I also don't really notice much in the way of improvement to my skin.

It's a good foundation but I think it's better for normal/oily skin types as it really doesn't suit mine - definitely try theSerum version if you suffer from drier skin.


Jessica + Josette said...

love the smell of this stuff


Laura said...

I have both and love the smell too. i keep rotating each day which one i use as i love them both. not sure which one i will re-purchase as both so good. probably the serum as i have dry skin, but the normal isnt drying at all.

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