Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Avon Party Bus

First off this is a picture heavy post.

A couple of week's back L came to stay with me and we popped into London to attend the Avon Party Bus.

How cute is the bus?

Its been a busy time for Avon, they have announced Alesha Dixon as the new face of Avon. She will be the spokeswoman for their make-up category and support domestic violence initiatives.The party bus was set up to include a nail area for you to have your nails done.

We also had some of the new make-up items set up to look at. There were two lovely True colour eyeshadow quad sets.

They also had the new Shine Attract lipsticks, which are half lipstick half gloss. They are really moisturising but full of colour!...Winner.

Here's a swatch of Guava and Happy pink...full review to come. We also got to see and try out the new Ideal Flawless Foundation.

The colour choice is fantastic, 16 colours in total.

The array of pale colour was great.

Here are the swatches of the palest colours. We were super lucky as well because the amazing Samantha and Nicola aka the Pixiwoos were showing off the new foundation. L got her's applied.

Here's L wearing the foundation.

L said it felt lovely and light on yet the coverage was great and she is looking to purchase as she liked it on so much. As its £12 its great value for money and the packaging looks sleek to, the foundation will be available in February.

We'd like to thank Avon for the invite and the Pixiwoo's.



Girlie Blogger said...

I had no idea Avon had a party bus. It's a ride I'd love to get on.

Ms Bubu said...

Oh I missed that! :(

Kat @ Cherries In The Snow Beauty Blog said...

I always struggle to find pale foundation, they look like they have some excellent shade, I'll have to check them out!

SilhouetteScreams said...

Ahhh you met Sam and Nic?! So jealous :O

Zoe Baldwin said...

This is another way to have a party on a party bus. Girl time is so essential.

Spice up your party experience, get a party buses now.

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