Saturday, 6 August 2011

Bath Time fail.........

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So today is a little bit of a rant.

Like most people I LOVE A BUBBLE BATH, problem is they don't love me. My face becomes all red and blotchy - it's horrible. It's also feels quite sad to saying to people I'm allergic to bubble bath, oh and shower gel. It's so annoying.

There's obviously some ingredient that doesn't agree with me - just not sure what, as I've also had the same results with natural and Sulphate free ones as well.

In order to avoid a reaction I treat myself to a bubble bath once a month - yep a a huge treat ha ha and once a week I add Johnson's Baby Sensitive Bath. The rest of the time I have a bath, as we don't have a shower in our house anyway, with nothing added. For some reason I seem to be able to get away with this, although occasionally I do have a reaction. When this does happen, I just stop using any form of bubble bath for a few months before I try the routine again.

I know its not a major allergy and it's only a small problem but it's the fact you can't just have a bubble bath when you want one.

Ok rant over with.


Victoria said...

I was allergic to Matey bubble bath when I was small.
Have you tried Lush bath bombs or bubble bars? They may not irritate you? x

Amy said...

That's such a shame because bubble baths are so relaxing :( xxx

The Beauty Feelosophy said...

Hi I have a few suggestions!
1) Have you have tried fragrance free products? Then you can add a few drops of an essential oil intead?
2)Try making your own simple bath milk using real milk, or powdered coconut milk, honey and a few drops of an essential oil.
3)Try some oats! You can add these to the bath water
4) Try wearing a soothing mask whilst in the bath. i would recomend Dr Haushka but you might need completely fragrance and allergen free instead. Or better still make your own using Oats, Honey & yoghurt. Or I can tell you how to make an Aloe Vera one too - it's really easy!

5)it may sound silly but try cooling down the temperature of the water a bit?

Otherwise feel free to send me over an ingredients list and I can tell you what else it might be! :))

Good luck!

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