Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Bargain Eye Shadows

Now who doesn't love a Bargain. These little gems are only £1.79 each or 3 for £5 from Boots. I used to always have a nosy at the Natural Collection range but I have to admit that as I've gotten older I've just stopped looking at the range.

Like most people I think with age I just started looking at more and more expensive brands. But just because something costs a little extra does not necessarily mean it's better quality.

I wanted some basic everyday eye shadows, so I thought I'd have a look at the cheaper brands when I stumbled upon these.

Willow on the right, is a nice shimmery toffee/coffee shade and Sea Shell on the left,is a lovely shimmery beige.

They just looked lovely easy shades to wear.

The eye shadows themselves are easy to blend and I think their quite pigmented, given the price. I have to admit that I did struggle to pick the Sea Shell up in the photo as it is really pale but I'm quite happy in reality.

Would highly recommend checking out the range. They do some gorgeous lipsticks as well and I also have a couple of the mascaras.


Paperbacks and Postcards said...

I love Natural Collection eyeshadows! I use Milk Chocolate nearly every day in my crease! It's a beaut! Haven't tried these two though! x

Charlotte said...

I love the eyeshadow in "Asteroid" - it's a lovely cool-toned shimmery brown! xx

Vintage Makeup said...

They're both super pretty! Especially love the brown.

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