Saturday, 20 August 2011

Soap & Glory - Tell Me Why?


You would think by the name of the post that this was a product review of an item from Soap & Glory but no it's a me whinging about them changing packaging.

I have previously mentioned S&G Off you face cleansing wipes in my Current Skincare Rountine and it's been in my monthly favourites. I enjoy using the wipes as they are quick and simple to use, they actually feel like they are working and they only cost around £4.50 for 25 wipes.

As these have been part of my regular routine I popped along to Boots this month to pick them up and I was annoyed to see they had changed the packaging. The original packaging was:

As you can see it had a clip lid for you to open and close to get the wipes out. Now it's:

It's just a sticky label! From having a child I have learnt that the packets of wipes are best when they come with a proper lid not a sticky label. No matter how hard you try to make sure it's shut properly the label loses it adhesion and won't close, thus it won't keep the wipes moist.

So I was very annoyed that they had changed the wipes. I know it will be a money saving exercise, prices of raw materials across the world are going up and companies need to still be making good margin so they can make a profit. But as my wipes look like this after using up half

I don't think the packet will survive the next half!

I am going to first try to search for old packets it Boots stores nearby. But then I am unsure whether I will continue to use them with the new packaging. As it will continue to annoy me!!

Do you have any favourite items where companies have changed the packaging for the worse?



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Lauren Baker said...

How annoying. =/ That happens to me and my baby wipes ALL the time. I believe Yes to Cucumbers do their wipes in that clip top kind of packaging, if you're interested.

Sophie said...

Ahh that's so annoying! I love those wipes! xxx

Victoria said...

So annoying! Love the new layout :)

Karla said...

One of the reasons why I loved the soap and glory wipes was that they did come with a clip lid, it is a shame that they've changed the design x

kirsti_r said...

I use Johnsons makeup wipes and find the sticky label doesnt always stay closed. I now store them upside down so that all the weight is pressed against the label keeping air out :)


KatBeautyAddict said...

Thanks for the comments.

It's such a shame, may take a look at the Yes to cucumbers wipes

Kendall said...

Hi Kat,

Sorry to hear about your disappointment with the new pack design for 'Off Your Face'.

We decided to remove the plastic flip lid as a step in the direction of being more eco-friendly rather than a cost saving exercise.

The quality of the product has not changed, and lab testing hasn't shown any drying out with the sticky label lid compared to the the plastic flip lid.

I will however, take your comments to the Product Development team.

x Kendall S&G, London - HQ

KatBeautyAddict said...

@kendall - thanks for the comment. The product is still great it's a shame about the lid. I will see how I get on with the rest if this packet. I loved the fact it came with a lid though.

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