Tuesday, 30 August 2011

ELF Matte Lip Colours and ELF Nicely Nude


When ELF were running their 50% off I decided to make a purchase of some items I'd been eyeing up. Instead of doing one massive post I am going to group the products together. The lip items I got were the Matte Lip Colours on Tea Rose and Coral, and I also got a Mineral Lipstick in Nicely Nude.

Onto the Matte Lip Colours first, these retail at £3.50 and are available in 4 shades (Tea Rose, Coral, Praline, Natural). They are like a pencil/crayon that you can twist and apply.

After seeing some swatches I decided which I wanted.below is Tea Rose on the right and Coral on the left.

And here are the swatches

I have to say I am not keen on these and I really don't like them on my lips alone. I don't mind then as much with gloss but I won't be getting anymore of these or repurchasing.

The next item I got was a Mineral Lipstick in Nicely Nude, these come in around 16 shades and retail at £3.50.

Now the first thing I will say about this is it's not nude, or at least it's a lot more pink than I was expecting. It is a lovely shade but it's just not my colour at all. Though for £3.50 it has nice packaging, very sleek.

And here is the lipstick on

I like it but it's not what I was after.

Seen as I got these half price I don't mind that they are not right for me. I would recommend doing a lot of research on swatches before purchasing from the lip products as I have found the hit and miss.

I apologise for the poor images they were done using my iPhone as my camera battery needed charging.

What do you think of these from ELF? Do you have any recommendations from the range?

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Anonymous said...

I find the colours on the site quite ddeceiving. I don't like the regular lipsticks but really like their lipglosses

Vintage Makeup said...

The Mineral Lipstick looks lovely! I'll probably order some when I'm off my project pan. :)

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