Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Mirror Mirror...

Well as you have probably realised both L and myself love a bargain, and with the No7 Boots £5 off voucher being available I have been making the most of them!

My latest purchase from the range is the No7 Make-up Mirror:
I wouldn't have normally purchased this as it is small but with the voucher it cost me £3.25 (normally £8.25). I apply my make-up in the bathroom as I have a big mirror on the wall and the light is better. But I do like to have a portable mirror to hand.

The stand on the mirror adjustable and its compact, but too big to just have in your hand bag. But it would make a great travel mirror to stick in my make-up bag. It also has a felt/material backing thus making it non-slip.

Overall I am pleased with me purchase its compact, sleek looking and you can adjust the standing position. For £3.25 I thought this was great!

Have you spent any of the vouchers?



Paperbacks and Postcards said...

This looks great for travelling, I always forget to take mirrors when I go away for the weekend! Might have to put my vouchers to use and buy this one! xx

Vintage Makeup said...

really cute mirror! Nice & sleek :)

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