Friday, 26 August 2011

They're Real and Ring my Bella

Last week we had the opportunity to go along to Benefit in Spitalfields for a preview of They're Real Mascara. We previously told you about the Flash Sale that Benefit was hosting and give you a quick look at the Mascara. Well tomorrow, the Mascara launches nationwide.

As usual Benefit host a great event and we were treated to a Burlesque Routine.

Not only we're we having a look at They're Real Mascara, Benefit also wanted to talk about their newest addition to their Crescent Row - Ring my Bella.

We were also treated to some yummy cocktails,

There was also a lot of makeup artists on hand to help you with the products. K took advantage and had her makeup done and tried out Cha Cha Tint which looked fab on her.

We were given both They're Real Mascara and Ring my Bella to try out.

I love the newest addition to the range, it's very floral and like nothing I've smelt before - it's lovely.

How pretty is the box and the bottle.

Another 2 great products to the Benefit collection.

1 comment:

Ms Bubu said...

I have a sample of Ring my Bella and it smells good, a little like the Escada perfumes! Intrigued by They're real! Let us know!

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