Thursday, 17 November 2011

Dry Shampoo Blow Dry

Today's post as you have guessed it is on dry shampoo. Both myself and L are fans of dry shampoo and tend to use it on days we are in a rush. Well now you can even have a dry shampoo blow dry when you are out.

'Introducing the new Girlz Only dry shampoo blow-dry at London’s innovative ‘The Blow Bar’ – the quickest remedy to keep your hair looking refreshed for longer. For busy women on the go, the Girlz Only blow dry now lets you revitalise your look in less than no time.

The ultimate dry shampoo Girlz Only adds volume, fragrance and bounce to your hair within minutes. Now collaborating with The Blow Bar, Girlz Only gives busy women the opportunity to experience a lightening quick hair solution left to the hands of a professional. When you’re in need of a tidy up for limp or greasy hair and you’re short on time, The Blow Bar can revitalise your look between blow-dries, helping you keep the look for longer.

Choose from three Girlz Only fragrances to compliment your Blow Bar blow dry: Dawn til Dusk, with its refreshing citrus scent; Party Nights, with a fresh fruity fragrance; and the floral perfume of Hazy Days. The perfect pick-me-up before a big date, an ideal pre-party treat before a night out and Christmas party season or you just left the house in a hurry and didn’t style your hair the way you wanted it. These dry shampoo blow-dries will give you that just-washed feeling without any of the fuss.

You can whiz in for a speedy spritz or hair maintenance blow dry. If you aren’t in a rush, why not take advantage of the Blow Bar’s drinks menu whilst your locks are primped back into shape? The first fully licensed blow dry bar in the country, The Blow Bar will ensure you leave feeling as party ready as your new hairdo.'

You can also get the dry shampoo to try at home, it is available in Tesco's for £1.50 and in three fragrances.

Dawn til Dusk, with its refreshing citrus scent; Party Nights, with a fresh fruity fragrance; and the floral perfume of Hazy Days.

I have been using these over a couple of weeks and so far so good. I particularly like Dawn til Dusk as it has a lovely citrus scent which is really refreshing.

As its dry shampoo I thought it was only right to compare it to batiste as that's what I currently used. I think the packaging of Girlz only is nicer and looks a little sleeker with the metallic finish. I think the scents are nicer especially Dawn til Dawn than Batiste. The application of Girlz Only is the same as Batiste and it you are not careful it will come out powdery if you spray to close. Price wise Girlz Only is £1.50 and batiste is £2 ish, but you are getting 200ml with Batiste and 150ml with Girlz Only.

The Blow Bar, 25 Camden Passage, London, N1 8EA.

Open 11am - 7pm Tuesday – Thursday, 10am – 8pm Friday and 9am – 6pm Saturday.

Bookings can be made by phone (020 7354 1551) or email (


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