Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Revlon Gold Coin


I recently picked up a new Revlon nail polish, I hadn't tried any Revlon nail polishes until I picked up Facets of Fuchsia & Smokey Canvas you can see that post here. The colour I picked up this time was Gold Coin.
Revlon nail polishes retail at around £6.29 but can vary depending where you get them.

Gold Coin is a cool toned gold which I why I picked up.

As you can see it is a metallic finish but it has a slight foil effect to it. It would be a lovely colour for the festive season. I used two coats but I did noticed that it started to chip quite quickly as I hadn't used a top coat. It also has a metal sort of scent to it. The only way to describe is like the smell of those gold or silver gel pens...or something along those lines. But once the polish has dried there is no smell.As you can see the polish dries with a slight textured look to it which I quite liked but you can always use a topcoat to smooth it out.

I am still not sure what i think of Revlon nail polishes as Smokey Canvas nor Gold Coin lasted long before chipping but I love Facets of Fuchsia. L has tried some other colours here.

Are you a fan of Revlon nail colour? Maybe I should try them with a topcoat?



Girlie Blogger said...

I do like this subtle glittery color.


socialitedreams said...

i think this is really pretty. i don't wear any polish without a top coat so yeah, that'd probably help

Kelsey Chen said...

I just ordered this and I can't wait for it to come! I have tried 3 revlon polishes before and I like them a lot! I use topcoats with most polishes.


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