Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Giddy Princess's lunch time outing to Primarni!!♥♥♥

And here is what I bought! Yay! I love love love and have wanted for ages to get a pair of white skinnies - and today was the day. Haha - I posted this on MUA website today and someone asked if I was actually referring to jeans or people haha!!?? It was all in good humour and made me giggle!

But yes, I was talking about jeans and I just love love love them!!! They are for my trip to NYC really because I wanted something summery - although again referring to MUA - the girls there with the inside knowledge said its freezing there at the moment! Ah well - maybe for Caribbean carnival this weekend instead if weather keeps up!!

Top was £4.00 and is from Primark's "organic" range. I have three like this now and they are lovely to wear and hold their shape really well. Most of the t-shirts look a bit baggy I find, so I really like these because they are fitted and only four dabs!!

The jeans I keep going on about were only £8.00 too!! After seeing
Tali's post on golden summer must haves today I was tempted to also get a pair of gold sandals - but stopped myself as I already have a pair from last summer that will have to do for now!!!!


I bought three of these at £1 each - not bad right!?
These are to bring all my "toiletries" next week. When I counted how much I would be bringing just for beauty and hair regime there were 23 items!! Jeeeeeeeeez. Haha - but I need them all so it's only right I bring travel sized version!

♥Giddy Princess♥

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