Monday, 26 April 2010

'A woman that doesn't wear perfume has no future' - Coco Chanel


This is D, the Giddy Princess, aka BittersweetKindaNew a beauty loving, crazy dancing, makeup obsessed girlie welcoming you to our blog - dedicated to providing you with an insight into our beautifully addicted to world of fabulousness!!

So its a wee bit late in the evening to be doing this but seeing as the blog is now up and running it would be rude not to!!! Hehe - beauty sleep is overrated anyway!

I love my makeup and beauty products and like anyone else out there have my problem areas. Given that I am pretty much addicted to finding the perfect products for myself it only seemed right that I started to review the products I buy and use alongside my equally weak willed shopping partner L!!

Soooooo primarily this blog will be reviews done by myself and L and to start off with here's a quick low down on shade #147 of the BarryM lipstick.

This lippie is a matte shade of a sort of peachy pink colour. It's quite a strong colour, although has cooler tones to it so whilst it looks very pink I would not say it was warming to my skin tone. I do however really like this shade. Here's a pic of the colour on me before I went to a charity event on Sat night...

Now I know you are probably thinking errrrrrrm isn't it supposed to be matte!? You are right, it is - which brings me to my next point. This lippie texture is just a little too dry for me. Within 5 mins or so I could feel and see it seeping into lines I didn't even know I had in my lips. I was therefore forced to apply the only lip gloss I had with me on top of the lipstick to inject some moisture(I was at the boyfys at the time) The lip gloss on top is really pale pink which caused the colour to become diluted hence the end result being what you can see!

Hmmmmm, I would definitely recommend this product because I think that I just needed prime my lips prior to application with a smooth none glossy lipbalm, but I would suggest also going for a slightly warmer tone if you have olive to tanned skin unless you are really wanting to make a statement and have a good bronzer! In my mind I think this shade could potentially look good on paler skin tones - it may be that L can review the product at a later date for comparison!!

So for now my quest for the perfect matte lipstick is far from over, I'm going to try some cheaper products first though before going to the MACs and Bobbi Browns. I have heard though that Rimmel do a really good version of the matte type lipstick anyway so I will just have to try that instead!


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