Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Lunchtime outting to......

I absolutely adore Lush – it all smells so yummy and gorgeous!!!! Being the girlie girl that I am, I always go a little bit crazy when I go in hehe!

I only went along today to try out a few products at lunch with my friend but being the weak willed person that am I, I couldn’t help picking up a few bits – Colour Supplement in Light Yellow and Breath of Fresh Air Toner.

Firstly the Colour Supplement...

I have serious problems finding the right colour of foundation or concealer. I have a tendency to look orangey within about an hour or so of putting even the lightest shade on…….soooo not a good look for work haha! Now the idea is that this can either be mixed with your moisturiser, used as a base on it’s on or used on troublesome areas to cover unsightly blemishes. I really like the texture already - which i would describe as more like a tinted moisturiser than a foundation. It’s nice and light.

I’ll probably try it as a bit of everything and see which way I prefer using it to start with . I’ll review in more detail once I’ve had a good go with it (my sister has also picked this up as a possible solution to her wedding day makeup, so I’ll hopefully get her opinion on the product as well)

I also picked Breath of Fresh Air – Toner

I read this on a number of reviews now and in particular on Makeup Savvy, where Fee appears to be having the same problems as me with her pores. I have high hopes for this product as it does appear to have worked really well for people. Will let you know soon……..

On a complete and utter qirlie moment – OMG Lip scrub made with exfoliating caster sugar yum yum yum! They come in bugglegum, mint and chocolate and almond and chocolate yummy!
They’re completely edible!!!

I gave them all a go and I could get seriously addicted…..slightly concerned about calorie content though haha!

Check them out here



Hannah said...

I'm the same with foundation! Well not at the moment because I'm fake tanning so I'm a bit orange all over lol but it's so annoying when even the lightest shade turns you orange isn't it :( hope this works for you - let us know if it does! x

BittersweetKindaNew said...

Thank you - will do.

I am quite excited about trying it lol. Hope you're tanning goes ok. I'm far too pale to fake tan haha

Kirsty said...

Ooooo...I want the the lip I need to plan another trip shopping as I think the postie is fed up of bringing parcels up the stairs :)

BittersweetKindaNew said...

Haha I bet!!!

The bubblegum flavour was amazing!!!!

I was seriously like a kid in a sweet shop in there today!!! hahaha

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