Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Pears Soap

Now I’m having a bit of an experiment at the moment with my daily skin routine.

I fully admit that I’m realllllllly lazy when it comes to maintaining a skin routine – having only recently managed to train myself to taking off my makeup at night, cleansing, toning and moisturising. I know shocking!!

I only cleanse and tone occasionally in the mornings - but I do moisturise everyday!

Right now back to the experiment……

After reading a few reviews lately I’ve decided to try using Pears Soap in the evening to take my makeup off and general clean my face. Now, I know what you’re thinking – Soap???…....isn’t that going to dry you out. Well from what I’m read it doesn’t seem to have really caused that problem and at the moment I’m on day 3 of using it and if anything my face is less dry than usual. My skin has a tendency to look quite dry in patches on my nose (well I would say I have combination skin – which is also quite sensitive to certain products) - it’s therefore quite a weird sensation using soap.

However I’ve decided to give this ago as even though I’m in my mid 20’s I still suffer from spots along my jaw and on my chin – and not just at my time of the month, and a lot of people have commented that they have found Pears good at clearing up their spots.

Day 1

Now after using it on Sunday night I did feel as though my face was squeaky clean – which was a bit weird but didn’t really notice anything different to how my face usually feels. I then continued with my usual cleansing and toning routine.

Day 2

Now when I got up I’d noticed that I had broken out in a few tiny spots on my chin – although this weren’t really that noticeable under my makeup. I went home that evening and once again used the soap to take my makeup off before my usual skin routine (I’m currently avoiding my nose area as this is somewhere I get really dry skin and if all goes well elsewhere I’ll start to try it on my nose).

Day 3

I swear my skin looks better today – still no dryness which is amazing!!!!. My pores seem to be smaller as well.

I’m actually really excited to go home and use the soap again tonight – hopefully I’ll still be dryness free hehe!!

I’ll post an update on my experiment next week.

L x

p.s. Has anybody else been using just soap on their face?? How have they found it??


kp_nuts2 said...

I'm tempted to try this

BittersweetKindaNew said...

I'm on day four at the moment and still no dry patches. All the breaks out have cleared up and last night I noticed a little blemish but its gone this morning!!

Lauren said...

My doctor reccommended me using soap when I went as I have really bad skin and it worked a treat.
It may dry you out a little but that's nothing compared to the amount of crazy chemicals in some of the products nowadays, and you can always use moisturiser afterwards :) x

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