Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Good evening gorgeous girlies!!

I am in a truuuuuuuuuly fabulous mood tonight! So I thought I would share one of my favey products with you.

Now like many of you out there I am partial to a bit of tanning. If you read my recent post on St Moriz you will have read that I have been tanning for a LONG time.

However, when I head out on the town for cocktails and dancing I like to up the tannage slightly and I SWEAR by this product!

I have been using it for a couple of years after finding it in Superdrug, but it's become my go to for even tan legs on nights out in the past year.
I usually pay around £9/£10 for it. (It's totally worth it). But I know it sells at our market for cheaper, however I never buy it from there as they don't have my shade. Which is "Deep Glow".

Description is as follows:-
Spray on Perfect Legs in an Instant!

And let me tell you - IT TRULY DOES WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN!!!

It is supposed to be a
- Silky smooth, long-lasting leg make up that stays put and washes off.
- Safe, convenient and provides an instant result which you can wash off when you want.
And also
- Covers imperfections, enhances skin tone and makes the most out of what you have got.
- Cover freckles, veins and imperfections
Tick mark next to all the above! HELLO smooth legs!!!

My routine tends to be that I tan, say with St Moriz or Fake Bake a couple of days before I'm going on a night out. Then obviously because the legs are out I do the old hair removal on the day I'm going out - which makes the tan come off a bit.
Sooooooo therefore I use this mixed with SPA WISDOM MONOI MIRACLE OIL (major major love of mine) all over the bod and voila! Perfect tan time. As seen here ===============>

And yes, I was posing in the boyf's room... AGAIN (He tells me off for this regularly). I should seriously have worn some heels at this point... Anyway, I digress!!

So as you can see, brown - not orange - skin. Please note though - I have dark olive skintone, so this is the colour I would normally go in the sun and this is the colour most tans go on me. If you are fair you may like to try a lighter colour.

The shades are:- Light Glow, Medium Glow, Tan Glow and Deep Glow

It really does not go on too dark, it just adds colour to whatever your skintone is so I would just go one shade darker than your skin to just give you a nice glow. If you have fair skin for eg. and went with tan glow with out any fake tan on already I would imagine it wouldn't be too flattering on the skin and would look unnatural.

I would definitely recommend using a moisturiser or body oil too as it makes it look less like makeup on your legs and more like you have moisturised tanned legs! Woop!

Ladies you have to try this - it is perfect for getting your pins out on summer nights out!!!

Giddy Princess xx


Marie said...

Thank you so much for this review!:D Will check this out.:D

...and everything girly under the sun!

Happy1234 said...

I have looked at this time and time again wondering what Its like and now I know - great post :)

*~♥Giddy Princess♥~* said...

Glad you liked the review ladies! I just wanted to share with you what a good product it is as I know I walked past it and wondered whether it would be worth it sooooooooo many times before buying!

Amour Du Moment said...

Ah what a great review :) Will definitely be giving this a go now! Thanks for the tip off! ;) xxx

*~♥Giddy Princess♥~* said...

You're very welcome. Let me know how you like it!!!! xx

Bluebell said...

Thanks for the review, the colour is so natural on you!

Was just wondering, how do you mix the tan and the oil together?Do you put some of eachin the palm of your hands and then rub onto your body?Or one and then the other?Or with a glove etc?x

*~♥Giddy Princess♥~* said...

Thank you and a very good question Bluebell!

I use latex gloves (dead cheap from chemist) and then I pour a little of the oil into my palm and then spray a small amount of the Sally Hansen into the oil in the same palm. Then I rub my hands together and blend into leg.

It's really just then a case of going off how it looks and feels. Sometimes I have too much Sally Hansen on so I even out with applying a little more oil, and vise versa if the oil have overtook the colour.

If I end up with too much oil on my legs generally I will just get a towel and pat dry so that the colour doesn't completely come off but it soaks up the excess!

Hope this helps!xx

SilhouetteScreams said...

I tried this a few years ago to cover up awkward tanlines when it got into Summer, and it matched me really well too <3

Bluebell said...

That's great, thanks for the extra info, very helpful :) xx

*~♥Giddy Princess♥~* said...

@ Silhouette Screams - it is a great product - I don't think enough people have used it!

@ Bluebell - you are welcome! x

kaykay66 said...

I think it is pretty good to smoothen the look of your skin. It does camouflage slightly. I was reading this blog to see this girl's video of her using the products, with before and after pictures of the result using it, so i went out and bought one. Very good review there on her blog.


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