Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Illamasqua Liquid Fluid Foundation

I’ve been on a hunt for a foundation for a while. I’ve never had any success with one before – they all just tend to be a bit orangey once on, even though I’ve purchased the lightest shade. Sooo not what I’m looking for!

Up to the last year or so, I’ve just used a bit of concealer with powder and blusher. However I’ve never really been happy with the finished look – I end up looking cakey around my nose (and come 2pm I look like I never went through all the trouble of putting makeup on in the word rough!!!). And also just to make it all better I suffer from redness around my nose, which given my lovely fair complexion really shows up, so I really want a more even look. I’m also after what every other girl wants – staying powder!!! (God that sounds like a cheesy ad)

Anyway, so I’ve recently purchased Illamasqua Light Liquid Fluid Foundation in shade LF115 £21.00 (for very light skin haha....I’m that pale). This is one of their new products which is meant to (from the website)

‘The new Light Liquid Foundation is lightweight and
has a dewy finish. It has been designed to mimic
the skin’s natural look, whilst still covering blemishes’

with flash

without flash

I actually had this put on at the counter with Satin Primer underneath and loved it! And was really impressed with the selection of shades they stock - a lot better than most brands.

rubbed in
(appears quite white once rubbed in)

So couldn’t wait to give it a go at home.....

I was actually a little disappointed on my first go at home. The colour is perfect for me, even though it looks quite white on, it blends into me skin tone really well. But I really don’t want to use the term ‘Blends well’, as this is my big problem with the product, it doesn’t really blend well. It is a bit pasty and goes very patchy by my nose within a couple of hours of application and really needs to be re-applied by lunch :(. I don’t apply it with a primer, as I don’t currently have one...that’s the next job!, so I don’t know if that would help, so may give that a try. However I still think the same problems will occur.

My disappointment with the product has resulted in me returning back to Bourjois – 10hr Sleep effect, mixed with ELF’s Tinted moisturisers (reviews of both to follow shortly)after just 2 weeks, and given the prices of £8.99 and £1.50 these are substantially different in price from the £21.00.

Giddy Princess has also purchased the foundation - however I’m unsure whether this is the Light Liquid Foundation or the Rich Liquid Foundation, however she’s had the same difficulties ‘goes on like a paste, hard to blend and although it stays on all day it looks horrible on my skin’.

I really want to love this but just couldn’t......just so disappointed as I love their nail varnishes, lip gloss, lip sticks and eye-shadows, basically everything but the foundation :(

Has anybody else given the foundation ago? How have you got on? Any recommendations for primers that may help?

L ★

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*~♥Giddy Princess♥~* said...

It's the Light one I have too. I requested the Rich one as that is what I had put on at counter, but unfortunately I found the MUA had given me the wrong one when I got home :(

And unfortunately I have found same result even when using primer.

Giddy Princess. xx

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