Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Do you ever lose your makeup?

Ok, so I have just been to Superdrug because I am going for a meal tonight after work and I stupidly forgot my makeup!! I only wanted to pick up some lippie so that at least something had been touched up, but as I was looking it got me thinking...
You see the lippie I chose was a lovely Rimmel one that when I saw and swatched it, I remembered I had bought it before and only used it like once or twice. Yet it is no where to be seen at home.
Therefore the only conclusion is that it is lost... This happens far too often mainly because I am constantly changing bags, or going and staying at the boyf's and generaly packing my makeup in a hurry or not putting it back where it should be.
I just wondered really, does anyone else seem to experience this?


nicoletta said...

I lose stuff all the time but it's only when it appears that i realise i had lost it lol x

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

I've lost my little pots of concealers, and my mac lip glasses.

It happens


peachykeen said...

im always loosing make up! mainly for the same reason as you - packing up my bag for staying at the boyfs... but i also get asked for people to borrow stuff... i forget to ask for a lot of the stuff back :L xoxo

sugar sugar said...

I often misplace makeup but I find whatever piece is there missing the next day or when I no longer need it. >.<

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