Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Monoi Miracle Oil - The Body Shop

So you may recall my post on the Sally Hansen leg makeup a couple of weeks back where I told you I mix the makeup with the Body Shop's Monoi Oil.

I wanted to review this product as I use it all the time. It's described as a featherweight body oil with Monoi de Tahiti, an ancient emollient of coconut oil, gardenia flowers, and babassu oil from Brazil at the heart of it. Monoi Miracle Oil can be added to the bath, rubbed all over the body or used as a pre-shampoo treatment. I normally purchase this for around £10.00. ($15 - $20 in US)

So what do I use this for?
As you know I mix it with leg makeup when I am going on night's out. I do this with Rimmel Instant Tan as well as the Sally Hansen leg makeup.

In addition, I like to use this as a moisturiser as it smells soooo great. I really find it hard to describe smells but I would just say this - get yourself to your local body shop and have a good sniff - it's divine and the whole reason I started buying it years ago.

I also use it as a hair mask and leave in over night and as an alternative to after sun when I am on holiday!

What is it like?
The product itself is obviously an oil. If you compare it to Johnson's Baby Oil you will find that it is not quite as slippery/greasy. Once you have rubbed it in I find that it sits on my skin more like a dry oil spray does so you can wear it in the day and put clothes over it without feeling horribly tacky.

Also - a little bit goes a long way with this. I find that I put some in the palm of my hand, just about 2 tsps and then I will rub this on my legs until I need some more so I don't end up with LOADS on. Sometimes I pour directly onto my leg but this is usually when I want it to be a bit thicker!

I would say it's really worth buying this product because it lasts for ever, smells delish and makes your limbs look AMA-ZING when you apply it there. I ALWAYS use this on my legs if I am getting them out! (oooo and also a good point is that it doesn't stop my hold-ups from "holding up" like some moisturisers do!).

The bad news is...

I have just looked on the UK BodyShop website and they look to be selling an alternative called Polynesia Monoi Miracle Oil. Whereas the US sells both!

Being the girl that I am though, I will take one for the team and buy the new Polynesia version and let you know if it's as good. Personally, I can't see there being too much of a difference given the concept appears to be the same. But hey, you never know ladies!


nicoletta said...

Thanks for this i am going to buy this after all it seems like such a multitasking product it would be rude not too. Thanks for the review xx

ipehishere said...

omg nice products. i saw this couple days ago when i went to tbs.. i will buy this next time. hehe

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