Friday, 11 June 2010

Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray

This stuff is CRACKING girlies!! You will LOVE it!!

Introducing the Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray...

This product is amazing!!! I always always end up painting my nails at night and then I usually wake up with smudged nails. NOT ANY MORE!! Woohoo!! I sprayed it last night and just like it says on the tim 60 seconds = BAM!! Dry nails times!

And its a bargain at £2.80.



ipehishere said...

lol.. must be really nice products =)

Make-up Addict said...

Wow, really? I may have to get it tonight! Haha.
I have Seche Vite which is pretty good but I think I may have to get this xx

Anonymous said...

I've used this product already!

I really like how it drys my nail so quickly!

Laura @ The Beauty Sanctum said...

Ahhh I saw this in Superdrug the other day and was going to buy it, but I was too dubious as to whether it would work or not, I HATE smudged nails with a passion!

Might pick some up now!


umbrella-in-the-sun said...

oo might have to try this now


great blog <3


Hannah said...

ooh thanks for letting us know about this! will definately have to pick it up :) x

Beauty Addict said...

I have this one too!! Love it!

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