Tuesday, 29 June 2010

NOTD - Collection 2000 Tutti Fruity

I seem to own a lot of coral/red shades of nail polish at the moment, however I NEVER seem to wear them!

Actually I think I just have an addiction to bright colours :)

Anyway, I dont quite know how I feel about this colour. It looks ok on but nothing special and even after 3 coats I'm not all that impressed with the end result. It was still a bit patchy and I sometime find with Collection 2000, that the polish goes abit sticky on the brush.

Overall its ok but just not convinced about the colour, its just abit more red than I hoped and just doesn't look quite right on me.

(It may suit someone with a dark skin tone than me)

Verdict - probably not going to use it again to be honest.


nicoletta said...

Have you tried putting the collection 2000 polish in the fridge before using. I find them sticky sometimes but if i put them in the fridge for about half an hr before they go on lovely and smooth. Worth a try because they have some lovely colours. I like it on you xx

BittersweetKindaNew said...

@Nicoletta - Oh great tip. I'll give that a go, cos I love their colours too!

Adele said...

I have two of their colours, this one looks nice! I find they stop on once I have put 3 coats on but they stain my bloomin nails !! :(

Anonymous said...

I think the coral colours are great this season.

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