Wednesday, 23 June 2010

NOTD - Collection 2000 BMX Bandit

I saw this colour and I was in LOVE!

Its looks abit more purple in the bottle but more blue on the nails.

I have to admit though that once I got it on I was a little disappointed.

In the picture I'd had this on for about 16hrs and already there was tip wear (not quite sure how I managed this sleeping!) and even after 3 coats the final nail still looked a bit patchy and I wasn't convinced it could take a 4th coat.

I know its only £1.79 but I usually like collection 2000 polishes.

I'm probably going to continue to use it as I love the colour but I'm definitely on the hunt for something similar

Suggestions welcome!

L x


Anonymous said...

I have this colour too and usually wear it for a night out when I want to add some colour to an outfit.

Vacanze in Albania said...

Gorgeous. I'm following your blog. :)

vacanze in albania

pawsandpockets said...

I bought this a while back and found the same thing, I love the brush though makes application easy.

Love your blog :)

Ansa said...

Beautiful color =)

chiconomy said...

Lovely colour - such a shame! Have you tried a clear top coat?

BittersweetKindaNew said...

@Helen its a great colour isn't it. Will definitely keep trying to make it work.

@Vacanze, @pawsandpockets and @Ansa - thank you x x

@chiconomy - I haven't yet, will try that on the weekend, cos I really want to wear this out!

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