Sunday, 13 June 2010

Soap & Glory Bright Here Bright Now™ Instant Radiance Energy Balm

Ok I admitted that when we started our blog I was a Soap and Glory virgin!

Can't really say why I'd never tried anything before, always wanted to but just never did. Well following my first purchase of The Fab Pore....I'm now well and trully hooked. The products I've tried so far have been great and the packaging super cute.

I recently picked up Bright Here, Bright Now Instant Radiance EnergyBalm, as in summer I do like to use some sort of radiance mosituriser, as I'm quite fair and don't tan, so I feel my complexion just needs something to make it glow. I've previously tried Olay's Daily Radiance, but found that Iwas breaking out if I used it for a few days in a row, so I thought a balm might be better.

So the product promises to (from the site) 'make your skin dazzle with moisturising apricot kernel oil, aloe vera and our immediate face firming active INSTANTIGHT2™'.

Ironically I picked the perfect time to give this a go!. I'd been suffering from dental problems recently and ended up having one of my wisdom teeth removed...ouch! Resulting in a month of continuous painkillers and serious lack of sleep! Most mornings I looked a delightful shade of grey haha!

I applied this in the morning after my moisturiser and before my foundation. The texture is creamy and a little thick, but not the same a mosituriser and doesn't feel heavey on at all. It's not shimmery as it doesn't have any silly sparkly bits like some other radiance products (which is even better!) and its just perks my skin up in the morning. I just get a nice fresh look to my skin and its really helped to hide my sleep deprivation.

In the pictures below, the one with the flash has really picked up the nice glow, although you'll see in the one without its only subtly and its picked up in that one.

without flash

with flash

I've been applying it over and I do think this is the best way, however you could probably just apply it where you think you need it.

As I said it is a little thick so I was concerned it may break me out, but so far so good.

I can't really say I've found any faults with the product. The packaging is hygienic and a little goes a long way. Its priced at £10.00 which isn't a bad price.

Verdict - Definately going to be a re-purchase. I just love it!!

(alreay eyed my next Soap and Glory pruchase - Make Yourself Youthful Super Rejuvenating Face Serum)

L x


Anonymous said...

Great review thanks.

Makeup Savvy said...

I also purchased this when I was ill - I had a sinus infection at the time! and like you I was a delightful shade of grey most mornings.

Totally agree with you on the product it is pretty good, but I can't pinpoint why it's good! seeing as theres no shimmer.

Great review.
Also received your giveaway prizes yesterday :) thanks so much.

Fee x

BittersweetKindaNew said...

@Helen, thank you x

@MakeupSavvy glad your prizes got there ok. i agree with you, dont know why it works, but it just does! such a good product to keep in for those rough days haha x

L x

Kirsty.P said...

save 1/3 on selected soap & glory products at may have a look :)

Anonymous said...

ok you make me want to take better care of my skin! ha ha

I am having a contest! come visit

FashionSlave said...

i LOVE soap and glory.. i think i have just about all their products haha

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