Thursday, 3 June 2010

❤Blog Love❤

We've recently been very spoiled and given 4 Blog Awards!!. So to make things easier we've decided to do them all in one post.

Firstly we were given the Cherry on Top Award from Makeup Addict, Becka.

Secondly we were Given the Blog Love Award from lovely Helen, Luna and Sammi. Really love this award as each recipient gets to design their own reward to pass on.......HOW CUTE! :)

So here's our awards from the lovely girlies....(I tried to include Sammi's but her site wouldn't open on my computer :(, I will post it once I get hold of it I'll post it.

So this is our attempt to pass on to 10 other gorgeous blogs....

Helen at In Elegance

Sammi at ❤Jewels & Passion❤

Paula at Sweetcheeks Beauty Blog

Sarah at I Heart Cosmetics

Shabana at Sexy Mutha Pucka

Kim at Dance As If No One's Watching

Hershley's Sweet Kiss Message!

Chloe at ❤ Make-Up Princess ❤

Katie at Katie's Beauty Blog

Milly at Pearls and Poodles

Hope you all enjoy!

L and the Giddy Princess

x x


sexy mutha pucka said...

Thats so sweet, Thankyou!! xXx

Kim said...

hey girls! thanks so much for the award I will be postong this on my blog shortly

Anonymous said...

Very cute award, thanks for passing it on to me.

♥ Chloë ♥ said...

Thank you :) xxx

Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...


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