Tuesday, 25 October 2011

NYX lipglosses Love's Anthem

I will warn you first that this post is picture heavy!

Here is the post on the NYX lipgloss set that I purchased the other day in TK Maxx, as you can see it retailed at £9.99 for 10 glosses.
I have never tried anything from NYX so when I saw this I had to give them a go. I did think a couple of shades would not be my cup of tea.

But the 5 shades on the right in the image above are my sort of colours. You can see below a swatch of each shade. Even though I was drawn to the paler shades on the right I have to say the swatches 1-3 looked great!

I have swatched each of the colours on the lips in the images below, these are in reverse order of the swatches above.

When I first started to try these out I noted that they smelled pleasant. Nothing overpowering just a pleasant, slightly fruity aroma. All except 5 & 6 applied nicely, these two were not great to apply at all. But I noticed straight away that these are definitely tacky once on your lips....I hate sticky or even tacky lipglosses. You should not have to be concerned that your hair may stick to your lips!..but I am with these on. I am going to persist a little bit with them, but this maybe a deal breaker for me.

Now for the lip swatches, the first couple mostly look the same on but in person they did appear different. I really love the first 5 colours on.

Now for the odd one from the bunch. Its an odd colour, smell and applied rubbish.

Now I was surprised that i really liked the next two colours on, they really aren't my normal choice of gloss at all.

Are you a fan of NYX lipglosses? If you have tried other NYX glosses, are they normally tacky?

Thank You


Georgia said...

I always find lipglosses tacky. Even ones that others have said aren't tacky at all :(. Still wear it though, just have to spend all day dragging my hair off my face. eww.


Anonymous said...

lipglosses are always tacky :) but i like the nyx glosses. nice post


Demonicsmurfette said...

I love those last few colours on you but that coppery gloss seems like a stinker. The shimmer is so unevenly suspended!

I use sticky glosses because they last longer but I have to make sure my hair is tied back. I'm more of a lipstick girl.

KatBeautyAddict said...

Thanks for the comments!
@Georgia - lipglosses are a nightmare.
@sayuri - I know most are tacky, it just still disapoints me when they are.
@Demonicsmurfette - I wasn't sure on the darker and brighter shades but i liked them once on. I've become more of a lipstick girl.

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