Thursday, 13 October 2011

No Heat Hair

I love my GHD's but unfortunately my hair is really not loving them as much at the moment. So with that in mind I've been trying to find ways to style my unruly hair - it's naturally curly with LOTS of frizz.

With that in mind this how I've been styling my hair at the moment.

And this is how I've been doing it (please ignore the hair colour change, dyed it after taking the above pictures),

I rarely dry my hair with a hair dryer, as it just goes a little crazy and it's difficult to style afterwards even with GHD's, so instead I loosely tie my hair up after washing it in the evening.

And then to achieve the wave,

  • Before I go to bed I run a little mousse through my hair with a comb and the separate the hair into three sections
  • I then twist each section into a bun and secure.
  • in the morning I take the buns out and lightly run my fingers through and I'm done
Now I do sleep fine with the little buns but you can just put in two to be more comfortable. Now this works fine for me, due to my hair type, but I know others my struggle with no styling tools etc.

I have also tried this with using tools - when I wash my hair in the morning, I run some mousse through when damp and then twist into three buns. I then use the hair dryer to dry the buns and top of my hair. I end up with the same effect.


luxiehoney said...

so cute! I do something similar- pull it into a tight low ponytail while drying (so it straightens the top) and when the ponytail is a bit drier I plait it, leaves some lovely curls! xx

Jessaleigh said...

could i use this picture for my blog? ill put a link to your blog if you like. thanks, Jessaleigh

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