Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Disco Nails

I love sparkly things, I am like a magpie while out shopping. After seeing numerous posts on Models Own Juicy Jules I finally got hold of one.
Models Own nail polishes retail at £5 and online or in Boots they occasionally run 3 for 2 offers or buy 3 and save £3. I just picked mine up in Boots, but after getting it I saw it in a set of 3 glitter polishes in River Island for £10, see here.

Its just as lovely as I expected, its like a disco in a bottle. Below is a swatch with two coats which on my actual nail I quite like.

But a I also really like it as a glitter top coat, all the below are 1 coats.

From left to right Models Own Betty Blue, Miss Sporty in 420, George Black, and Fearne Cotton in Hot Pink. I really love it over the Miss Sport dark grey...I may have just found may Christmas nails. I did a post a couple of weeks back on the sparkly shoes I wanted for the Christmas season, but is this going to be over kill.

Are you a Juicy Jules fan? Do you have a favourite combo? Will you be rocking glitter this festive season?



Victoria said...

I love this polish (but hate removing it) I love it on top of every colour, particularly dark ones.

Jaztee said...

I'm a total magpie too! Gorgeous sparkly polish.

KatBeautyAddict said...

Thanks for the comments. Glad to see there are some other magpies about :) . I hate removing it as well but i love a sparkly nail!

G A B Y said...

I find glitter nail polish always look amazing over a darker shade x

suzy said...

I love Juicy Jules too, it's great. If you're looking for any more sparkly purchases I found this in River Island NYX Glitterati - it has a shade that looks just like Juicy Jules too :D xx

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