Thursday, 6 October 2011

Angel Cake

I have previously mentioned the N-spa range from Asda here, all of the products smell amazing and there's a great choice available. You can see the full choice of goodies here.

I had run out of my Angel Cake bath melt so on my weekly shop to Asda I need to pick some up. But I was devastated to see it wasn't there, and I can't see it online at the moment either. Does anyone know if you can still buy it? So instead I decided to get Angel Cake bath syrup.
The bath syrup is 500ml for £3.00 and you can get around 5 different flavours of bath syrup's ranging from Chocolate to Gingerbread Latte (very Christmas). What Asda say about Angel Cake,
'"Angel" said the wise man "is my guardian of the fluffiest lemony cake. Frosted soft pink marshmallow and sometimes made of snow with a serving of smooth creamy vanilla. Goodness and purity are her best friends and as she spreads her fairy wings, Strawberries and Candy fall from the sky". Take the indulgent pleasure of the forbidden fruit add the wisdom of Nirvana, make time in your day and turn your bathroom into a sumptuous spa.'

I have to say I love the smell though it is stronger than the bath melt but I just loved the tube the melt came in and that you would scoop out what you needed. It made the whole experience of a bubble bath more indulgent. Though I do feel that the syrup actually bubbles up more then the melt.

As I like the smell so much I will contain to purchase I just hope that the bath melt isn't gone. I have only tired Angle Cake and Hot Butter Fudge but I am certainly tempted by some of the other flavours.

Are you a N-Spa fan?


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