Friday, 21 October 2011

Liz Earle ...TV?

Well we received an interesting email in our inbox. Liz Earle are branching out and are stepping into the world of TV.
The video channel is available via the What Liz Earle say themselves about the video channel;
'On Liz Earle TV, the clearly marked videos will highlight the many different aspects of the Liz Earle Beauty Company, from simple guides to the product range, to introductions to each of the company's many knowledgeable and friendly experts.

Our In-house Botanist, Jennifer Hirsch, Treatments Expert, Jo Givens, hair specialist Ian Denson and leading make up artist, Jane Bradley will all share their expert tips and advice.

It will be possible to see where many of the remarkable botanical ingredients used in the range are grown and to get rare glimpses behind the scenes that will show how much care and attention we take to bring you the very best of British beauty.

Liz Earle herself offers her own personal guide to achieving healthy, beautiful skin, combining her years of experience as a researcher, writer, broadcaster and botanical specialist, with her lifelong passion for natural health and wellbeing. Liz will also dispel beauty-myths by providing informed, well researched, considered and balanced viewpoints.'

As the video channel is available 24 hours Liz Earle is hoping it will make the brand more accessible and available. It also provides customers with a click to buy function whilst watching a video.

We think it will certainly help people who are new to the brand to get to know the brand and what they stand for. It will also help to educate shoppers on how to use the products they are purchasing properly.

Why not pop over for a look at

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