Monday, 17 October 2011

Smile Enhancing Gloss

Bourjois have created 6 glosses that enhance your smile and make your teeth look even brighter.

(06 Brun Showbiz, 07 Beige Tapis Rouge, 03 Rose Bright, 04 Fraise Celebrity, 05 Framboise Hollywood)

In the picture is all but one which is 02 Glossy Star which is a clear gloss.

The glosses are duo ended with a gloss at one end and a tooth brightening gel at the other.

Not only that, but the glosses and gel are also very minty which leaves a fresh breath sensation on your lips.

You apply the gel onto clean teeth, where the fruit active ingredients and brightening agents get to work. The gloss itself includes "White focus" pigments to help enhance the tooth brightness

The glosses themselves are lovely and non-sticky which is a definite bonus. I also love how pigmented the brighter colour they are for glosses.

No entirely convinced that they brighten my smile when I wear them but I love the minty freshness you get from wearing them. Oh and as usual with Bourjois products the packing is great if maybe only a little cheaper looking than the usual range and although the gloss is duo ended it is still a handbag friendly size.

Worth a look for £8.99 from any Boots or Superdrug.


Anonymous said...

Love the pinky and nudy color! very awsome for everyday!

Chloe,x said...

I love the red, think ill have to purchase this :)

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