Friday, 21 October 2011

Lip Lusts


As you know we love a bargain on here and I have found another great buy! Though this time its thanks to the lovely Makeup Savvy, I had spotted that she mentioned how great the Beauty UK lipglosses were so I had take take a look. I ended up getting Sweet Sixteen, which is a lovely peachy pink shade.
What Beauty UK say,
'Lips, lips, oh luscious lips! Richly pigmented and lightly scented gloss to bring a new dimension to any look. Flavoured with papaya, mint or strawberry and applied with a soft and svelte applicator, everything about this gloss leaves you feeling all warm inside!

We decided on "superfantabulous" as the best overall description :-)'

These retail at around £2.99 and come in 11 shades.

I love the applicator as it allows the gloss to glide on smoothly.
And it smells delicious, not overpowering though just yummy.

My worst nightmare with a gloss is that it will be sticky, but alas this is not the case with this beauty. You don't have to worry about your hair getting stuck once you have applied this gloss.
I love the colour on, as you can see though it does look similar to every other lipgloss I own....I really need to branch out in my lip shades. This is another great buy from Beauty UK, you can see reviews here on other Beauty UK items.

I will be taking a look at some more colours.

Are you a Beauty UK fan?



Girlie Blogger said...

Love the color. Looks great on you.

KatBeautyAddict said...

thanks for the comment

socialitedreams said...

i absolutely love the shade on you! so pretty babe

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